cheech (CHinEsE CHeckers)

About cheech:

What is cheech?

cheech is a portable, multiplayer, networked Chinese Checkers game. It currently lets you play chinese checkers over a network against any combination of up to 5 other people or computer players. It currently runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and probably OS X. (If you compile it on OS X, please send me a copy. :] )

You can also now join a cheech game on the web using the new cheechweb interface. (cheechweb screenshot.) It's part of the regular cheech releases starting with version 0.7.

cheech is built by Ben Levitt.
cheech is based on gchch by Loban A. Rahman.

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cheech needs some other software installed to be built and run. (The windows downloads have all of this built-in so you don't need to worry.)
  • gtkmm-2.4 or higher (C++ bindings for the Gimp Toolkit) for the GUI (windows installer here)
  • gnet 2.0 for networking (windows library here)



2006-6-6 Version 0.8 builds a simple webserver into the cheechweb server. What this means to you is that you no longer need apache or php to host cheechweb games. Grab cheech-0.8 from the links above...
2006-6-3 Version 0.7 adds a few bugfixes, but more importantly, you can now have people join into your cheech games over the web using the new cheechweb interface! (Screenshot here.)
Grab cheech-0.7 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-4-19 Version 0.6.1 adds some optimizations to the bot code, which is now much faster than in 0.6. :)
Grab cheech-0.6.1 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-4-13 Version 0.6 adds more bot types, a ton of small UI improvements and bug fixes, and a lot of code cleanup.
Grab cheech-0.6 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-4-3 Version 0.5 lets you restart a game with the same player order, or with the order rotated or shuffled. But more importantly, the cheech window now asks for your attention when it's your turn (like an IM window).
Grab cheech-0.5 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-3-28 Version 0.4 lets you change game settings (number of players, rules) while connected. It also lets you remove bots so you can add different ones back in.
Grab cheech-0.4 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-3-27 Version 0.3.1 is another windows bug-fix release. (Undo/Redo-ing would crash... oops.)
Grab cheech-0.3.1 for windows here.
2006-3-26 Version 0.3 is a big improvement over 0.2.1!
  • Undo all the way back to the beginning of the game, and redo back to where you left off!
  • Set up your bots the way you like 'em in the 'Setup Computer Player' menu.
  • Minor gameplay improvements (consistently play in counter-clockwise order, Earl won't block you in, change your name mid-game...)
  • Glorious bugfixes!
Grab cheech-0.3 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-3-23 Version 0.2.1 is a windows bug-fix release.
Grab cheech-0.2.1 for windows here.
2006-3-21 A new release of cheech is out! And just in time for the equinox.
Version 0.2 includes a bunch of bug fixes, improved command-line support (try cheech, cheechbot, and cheechd with --help to learn more), and a much smarter computer player.
Grab cheech-0.2 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-3-14 The first release of cheech is out!
Grab cheech-0.1 for windows here, or the source here.
2006-2-28 Starting up the cheech Source Forge project.
Initial import into SVN.
I'm looking for someone with an OS X develompent box to try building cheech for the Mac. If you can help, please email me! (benjie at sourceforge dot net)


Already Working:

  • Host and Join games
  • Choose name, color, rules
  • Play games over the network
  • Add Computer Players
  • Recursive Undo / Redo
  • Move counter
  • Flashes the window's title bar when it's your turn
  • Join as a spectator (great for AI vs. AI games)
  • Standalone game server (cheechd)
  • Standalone computer player app (cheechbot)
  • Compiles and runs on linux and win32 (and OS X?)
  • Includes an ajax-based web frontend

Still To Do:

  • Allow multiple human players in one window (non-networked)
  • Add a full manage-bots window
  • Allow free-form games with no rule-checking (so you can use your own rules)
  • Better current-rules, current-player display
  • Better turn, win notification
  • Find someone to try compiling on OSX, and to build OSX releases
  • Add sound :)
  • Add move-lines to cheechweb (like on the desktop client)
  • Tons of little UI tweaks...
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